Headquartered in Northern California, TEC Accutite is one of North America’s largest specialty construction and environmental services companies.

Corporations, real property firms, transportation authorities and local governments rely on us to help manage and mitigate environmental and associated risks.

Customers in these spaces and others rely on our deep expertise across four overlapping and intersecting fields:





Drawing on our work across these fields, we bring a holistic approach to solving customer problems that combines advanced technologies, proprietary solutions, cost and operational controls. The result is well-run, efficient projects and happy, satisfied customers.

Deep expertise is the foundation
and at the core of our work.

Our team of civil and mechanical engineers, construction and support professionals have more than 150 years of combined experience. They live by the credo that the job isn’t done until the customer is happy.

Our team’s expertise is augmented by the application of advanced technologies that increase efficiency and quality, and that keep apace of changes in regulations and also in the environmental, engineering and construction industries. A prime example of this is our unique partnership with Facilitr (formerly NoViolation) which offers customers new levels of visibility and insight into their operations.

We breathe a sigh of relief when a facility tells us they’ve brought in TEC Accutite to resolve a problem, because we know the job will be done right. TEC understands compliance and knows how to achieve both the letter and spirit of our regulations.

- San Francisco Bay Area compliance administrator